Prism Performance works with individuals, managers, leaders and teams to maximise business outcomes through Strengths Based Business Strategy and Leadership.

People who focus on their strengths every day are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs.* 

Teams that focus on strengths every day have
12.5% greater productivity*

Teams that receive Strengths feedback have 8.9% greater profitability *

* Source GALLUP

What do our clients think?

“It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation for Elaine. I have known Elaine for over five years. Elaine brings energy and enthusiasm into her Strengths based workshops providing engaging and valuable insights to my leadership team on the benefits of leveraging their strengths and from my perspective the need to balance team skills, build team accountability and consensus.

Elaine’s workshops assist in taking the guess work out of leadership. This workshop uncovered ways to work in perfect partnership with the individual team members as well as the larger team as a whole. This has been valuable when leading a globally diverse team. Following on from the Prism Performance workshop, Elaine provides touch points that help team members harness their individual and collective talents and bring them to life daily, to help other team-members discover, develop and use their unique talents for enhance team engagement and productivity, and to produce exceptional outcomes. 

Elaine is knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor as a facilitator and I would highly recommend her to any organization looking to grow through a strengths based leadership philosophy”.    

Padmi Pathinather – Vice President, Global People Operations at ResMed

“Elaine is an outstanding trainer and programs facilitator. She was able to simplify a very complex and complicated health condition like diabetes into a training program where my team walked away engaged and confident.

Her strong background in sales and marketing enables her to share relevant real life examples when training on the buying and selling process.

I would strongly recommend her to any sales manager or director starting up a new sales team or looking for that edge with an existing one.”

Bartosz Gajewski, Director Ascensia Diabetes Care Australia Pty Ltd

“As a result of partnering with Prism Performance, we are seeing a marked change in our business. Our team is more unified and communication has improved. All team members understand their strengths, how to use them to their advantage and align them to our company’s goals. Elaine was instrumental in identifying areas of needs to grow interaction and develop our team.

Elaine, in conjunction with the Prism training system has made a positive impact to the day to day office environment as well as giving individual team members direction and understanding more of their part in contributing to the team and the overall success of our organisation”

Darren Drew, Managing Director, Advertising

We have just spent the morning reshaping the roles within our business tailored to the strengths that came out of our session with Elaine. We have found it really useful.  It was great that we were able to get some CPD points out of it as well!

David Titan, Director, Financial Planning

The Gallup Q12 survey has created an insightful benchmark to assess the current environment and identify what we are doing well as a business; but importantly what we can do better. Leadership development through strengths has aligned talents with each individual team member increasing the effectiveness and quality of one to one interactions as well as in a team environment. Business planning through strengths has defined clear goals and outcomes to move forward in the 2016 planning and execution process. Mentor the mentor has equally provided valuable tools to utilise in field resulting in positive feedback from all involved but also providing clear steps forward as we collectively engage in delivering on specific targets and goals. Elaine’s experience, drive and passion for success through Gallup has given me the opportunity to redefine what high performance culture looks like within the company and the collective strengths that the team represents. My sales team’s involvement in this process has witnessed a number of underutilised strengths surface and provided a robust framework to further develop a more formidable force that is confident and highly engaged.”        

National Sales Manager, Oncology & Urology

“The Clifton Strengthsfinder Assessment process was a real eye-opener! What a breath of fresh air to be able to participate in a workshop that facilitates a focus on strengths and talents. I gained a lot of insight about my own strengths and those of my team. I also came away with a new lens to lay over our ways of working together. Elaine did a great job of distilling the conceptual and applying it in ways that were practical and relevant. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking for a new approach to building a productive and cohesive working environment”

Leonie, Educational Sales

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