Are you talented or strong?

Over 14 million people have taken the Clifton Strengths finder which is an incredible accomplishment and testament to the Strengths movement. In the last few years Strengths have become popular among Australians across all major industries.

I frequently come across colleagues and friends that have taken the assessment in some shape or form in the past, my next question is naturally ” What are your Top 5?”.

Interestingly, they often don’t remember or they don’t understand what it all means. It is all well and good to know what our talents are, but its a bit like the “So what factor?”. If you don’t know the “Why and How” they will only remain meaningless words on a page.

We all have talents, but are not necessarily using them to potential.

Once armed with the knowledge and skills, insights into how our talents work alone, versus paired or combine start to make sense. The benefit continues when we look at how this relates to our workplace, colleagues and teams.

Your talents will become true strengths when you are equipped with knowledge on how to intentionally use them to your advantage. Intentionality is key.

Elaine Krek is a GALLUP certified Strengths Coach with over 25 years experience in Senior Sales and Marketing Leadership roles within the Pharmaceutical industry.

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