Just another day at the Beach

Beach Patrol has commenced for another year and as I took up post under the yellow and red tent I started my surveillance.

It was a busy Sunday morning, the nippers were scattered across the beach like ants, the Inflatable Rescue Boats ( IRBs) were launched and smacking the waves, the surf boats were in training and the customers were swimming between the flags.

I was overwhelmed!!!

Not by the hub of activity….I love that stuff. It was the display of Leadership, Team work and Development that was taking place across this 1.3 km stretch of sand.

Leadership didn’t just come from the Patrol captain, The Nippers convenor or the IRB coach. It was the young Bronzies doing water safety for the Under 6s, it was the mums and dads taking part in the tug of war, it was the young kids shaking hands when they missed out on the flags sprint.

Excellence in Leadership is something we all strive for whether it be leading ourselves or leading others. When you recognise good leadership unravelling in any form, call it out and celebrate…it could be a pat on the back, a short email or a PDA ( Public display of Awesomeness).

Look out for it….it’s everywhere!!

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