Self Assurance – How Do you Press for Progress?

Today marks International Women’s Day 2018 and the catch phrase is “Press for Progress”. Now more than ever, there is a strong call-to-action to press forward and progress gender parity.

According to Gallup, 45% of  women want to advance to senior leadership levels, however only 25% of C suite roles are currently held by women in Australia according to the ABS.

Women in Leadership initiatives are certainly the new norm within our current business world, and most corporations are focussing on the gender balance, so there is more support for women than ever before.

So why aren’t more women making their professional dream a reality? We know there are so many possible reasons and today I wanted to add my thoughts from a Strengths perspective.

Are we are holding ourselves back from taking the next step in our career?

It is a known fact that the least dominant talent in females according to the Gallup community is Self Assurance at #34. Interestingly, men also rank low at #33. So these thoughts apply to all.

People with self assurance have faith in their strengths and abilities, they can take risks, meet new challenges and most importantly deliver. People with high self assurance have an inner sense that affirms directions and decisions.

Like a ship, people with strong self assurance talents can withstand many different pressures and keep them on course.

How can we empower women and men to gain power and edge if self assurance is a lesser talent for them? I am always talking to my Strengths community about dialling up and dialling down their Strengths.

How can you dial up Self Assurance?

You can reaffirm the Strengths you do have.  Look to your Top 5 and draw on what Strengths you can count on to help you make decisions and guide your next course of action.

Maybe you have Activator that will inspire you to jump in and make things happen.  Maybe you have Focus that will keep you on track with your goals to progress in your career. Responsibility will see you take ownership of your career and align with your career aspiration.

At times it may be difficult for you to trust your own instincts, so surround yourself with trusted advisors. Partner with people you can trust and consult when important decisions need to be made. Your trusted advisor can give you reassurance, confidence and direction and they will probably make you do things you wouldn’t do on your own.

Supress your Inner Critic and find that Inner Mentor deep down inside that is telling you what you really need to so.

Finally, “Fake it till you make it”. Physically dial up your self assurance. Posture, tone and language can boost your self confidence and inner strength, but  remember……. don’t lose the real you in the process.  

What Strengths are you currently dialling up?

Do you know your Top 5 Strengths?

I can help you pave the way to future success with my Strengths Workshops, one-on-one coaching and key note speaking at your next team meeting, team off-site or conference.  Act now and learn how you can achieve that next step.

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