Individual Consultation

Individual Contributors

One on One sessions will provide an opportunity to unlock, understand and take ownership of your strengths, to take action and to achieve your business goals.

Managers and Leaders

One on One sessions will provide the opportunity to

  • Unlock and understand your strengths as a manager
  • Gain an understanding of the Individual Strengths of your team
  • Know the collective strengths of your team


Mentor Programs for leadership development programs ideal for new managers or experienced indivivduals that are looking to get to the next level.

  • Leadership tools and resources to set a strong foundation for the roles as a leader
  • Coaching through strengths

Team Workshops

Start with Talent – Finish with Strengths

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the principles of strengths-based development and help each team member understand his or her individual strengths profile and to make sense of the 
“Signature Theme Report”.

We then help team members understand their unique strengths within the context of others on their team.

We provide an awareness and appreciation of the teams’ collective talents. It will to help the team to uncover answers to two fundamental questions: 

Who are we as a team?
What is my unique contribution to the team?

Selling through Strengths

How many times do we force our sales people into a sales model that doesn’t suit them. Selling with Strengths helps your sales people align your selling model with their strengths, so they can sell naturally through their talents, setting them apart from the competitors

Strengths based Leadership and Management Workshops

This workshop helps the people manager take a closer look at themselves and begin to appreciate how their unique talents influence their ability to perform as a manager. It will provide them with insights into when their talents provide moments of leadership excellence as well as when their talents can become barriers to leadership behaviour.

The Individual Strengths of the team manager will gain an understanding and appreciation of each team member’s talents and strengths. The manager uses this information to set each person up for success in line with what they are talented at.

We analyse the collective strengths of the team and how they can be used to meet the needs and goals of the business.

Strengths based Sales Coaching for Sales Managers

This workshop uncovers the current coaching style of the manager. Once the areas of strengths and opportunities are identified, the appropriate upskilling is provided aligned to their strengths. The group leave the workshop with clear goals for their next day coaching days with their team.

Consulation Services

Leadership Development Programs – Create and facilitate Leadership Development programs for senior colleagues aspiring to leadership positions.

Mentor the Manager – The strengths based Leadership Workshops are delivered one on one.

One on One Business Coaching– Strengths Based Workshops are delivered one on one.

Product Launch Training and Facilitation

Independent In- call Effectiveness Analysis – Independent measurement of territory planning and in call effectiveness that can help uncover development opportunities for sales teams and managers.

Conference Services

Independent Chairing of Conferences and Leadership Summits 

Key Note Speaker namely;

Women in Pharma & Medical Leadership Summit 2017

– Women in Marketing Leadership Summit 2017 

Sales Leadership and Performance Summit 2018


“Elaine did a fantastic job!”

“You really seemed to resonate with all of the audience. Well done.”

“I would give Elaine a 5 for conducting the 2 days with grace and control.”

“Some great ways to explore talents and strengths – gave insight into how we can apply this in workplace.”

“Elaine was a great way to end the day. She highlighted all the key points which the speakers really talked through and how you can still push and strive.”

“It was an honour to bring together a range of existing and emerging female professionals from across the Marketing field, and all at different stages of their career. I have had several delegates contact me to tell me how valuable they found the event, and how much they are looking forward to implementing their skills back at work!”

“Thank you very much for your contribution to the event!”

“Some great ways to explore talents and strengths – gave insight into how we can apply this in workplace.”

“Fabulous. Self-confidence and strengths were common themes all day. Elaine brought it all

Sales Leadership and Performance Summit – October 2018

I would like to sincerely thank you for your exceptional contribution to this years Sales Leadership and Performance Summit, we know those is attendance found your session extremely valuable. 

Some of the initial feedback I have received is: 

– Great presentation – interactive, engaging and entertaining

– Elaine’s shared a valuable model with some great stories to complement it. Well done

– Great content and realistic life examples to apply

– Good energy

It was so great to see everyone together sharing their advice and empowering one another. I have had several delegates contact me to tell me how valuable they found the event, and how much they are looking forward to implementing their skills back at work. 

I do hope you enjoyed the event and gained as much as you contributed.

Thanks again, and I hope we can have you all back as presenters or delegates in the near future.

Kind regards, 

Ashleigh Price

Conference Producer – Liquid Learning