The Rip

Are you fighting the current?

Every year I set myself a new personal goal. As 2017 ends, I am proud to say I am now a qualified surf life saver having completed my Bronze Medallion.

As part of the course we have learnt about surf conditions. I never really understood how a rip formed but have since learnt that when the waves hit the shore, the water must go somewhere and hence the rip is the current taking water back out to sea.

The natural reaction when caught in a rip is to swim back to shore against the current, which can easily lead to exhaustion. Rips don’t drown people, exhaustion does! 

The idea is to ride the flow of the rip out the back, swim across to the breaking waves and use them to return to shore. Let me be clear that if you are tired, don’t be afraid to wave for help and wait for assistance from the trusty red and yellow cap.

The same goes for our Strengths. If we are working with the flow of what we are naturally talented at, we are going to be more productive and enjoy what we do. Look for clues to your talents:

Do they give you energy?

Are they fun?

Do you draw deep satisfaction?

What if you find yourself in a situation where you must work with skills that you are not naturally talented at and it feels like you are caught in that rip?

One of my key messages to my strengths community is to dial up the talents you do have to get the job done.  You will have to be intentional in your approach and you will need to be prepared. If you are not seeing progress, ask yourself who can you partner with that has the talents which compliment yours to get the job done.

You may be asking what is my personal goal for 2018? I am going to start competing in ocean swimming?  I get to maximise my current swimming training, compete in a team environment meet new people and have fun.  All of this totally aligns to my Top 5 strengths of WOO, Communication, Maximiser, Positivity and Activator.

Prism Performance can help you identify your strengths, take ownership and then put them into action for success.

So what are you waiting for, call or email me to link up a time for us to catch up for coffee and find out how Prism Performance can partner with your business in 2018.

What’s your goal?

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